March 6, 2010

Principle Member Positions

Since most of the current cabinet has graduated or will be graduating in June, we are opening up essentially all the principal member (PM) positions starting in the Spring 2010 quarter. Not sure if you have what it takes to fulfill these roles? Be not worried  - our current PM's will assist & train you every step of the way in learning the procedures, processes, and skills necessary to run GEB like a well-oiled machine as we have done in the past several months.

The plan is to slowly transition you, the future leaders of GEB, into the roles that we play today. Let's pass the baton to continue the momentum in the upcoming months. There are eco-stoves to be built, land to be reforested, environmental refugees to be assisted, and gorgeous sceneries in Panama to be seen!!

  • learning valuable life skills such as time management, public speaking, networking (hint: lectures & labs don't teach you these things!)
  • networking with environmental professionals and potentially earning references for your future prospects (aka employers)
  • having that indescribable, elevated level of satisfaction in leading a group that will make truly make a positive impact in so many people’s lives
  • possibly discounted program fees
(Simple) required qualities:
  • Open Communication - Say what you do
  • Accountability - Do what you say
  • Genuine interest in bettering the environment, respect for all living organisms, and preservation of foreign cultures
The Positions

Prime Minister, aka the Overseeing Instigator
  • Holding meetings
  • Delegating necessary tasks and ensuring payment deadlines are met
  • Ensuring there is adequate communication among GB staff, PM's, as well as participating members
  • Meeting & interviewing prospective brigaders
    Vice President, aka Everyone's Friend
    • Assisting the Prime Minister in various tasks, such as meeting & interviewing prospective brigaders
    • Being the go-to (calling) person for all other PM's and regular members
    • Updating the website/blog and facebook group
      Public Relations Chair, aka the Articulate Promoter
      • "Crashing" relevant lecture halls & classroom to speak and write about GEB blurbs such as upcoming fundraisers & info sessions
      • Answering questions from prospective brigaders, and directing them to appropriate personals and/or information
      • Establishing contact with sustainability-minded groups on campus and departments (such as Environmental Systems) to spread the word on GEB
        Fundraising Chair, aka the Money Maker
        • Contacting local food and entertainment venues to create viable fundraisers for GEB
        • Sending out emails, creating facebook events, and inviting all members & other contacts to participate
        • Delegating responsibilities for flyering - because this party is more fun with more people!!
          Historian, aka the Fast-Typing Organizer
          • Booking rooms for group info sessions & other gatherings
          • Typing notes at meetings
          • Initiating important topics for discussion at meetings and presenting relevant information for pre-departure preparations such as educational materials
          If interested, please:

          First become accquainted with GEB by reading our formal report from past brigade:

          Then, email us at with the following information:
            1. Position(s) you wish to apply for
            2. Name, expected graduating year, current major & minor
            3. Clever methodologies in enjoying your free time
              • ex: baking goodies for others, planting trees, watching every episode of How I Met Your Mother, Facebooking, hiking & camping, attending live concerts, and stuff like that
            4. Relevant past/current experiences and skills for the position(s)
              • ex: member of other environmentally-minded clubs, any volunteer work, leadership or education roles, Spanish speaking ability, or special knowledge of, say, solar panels, in working with kids, composting, and so forth