September 24, 2009

Potential Projects in Panama!

**As of Oct 25th, 2009** - our group is currently voting for the project to take on for winter break, and Project 1 & Project 2 are in the lead. Final result will be decided by Sept 29th. Future brigades could be continuing the project which we will be starting.

Project 1

Working with Planting Empowerment ( to build a native plants nursery/greenhouse in Arimae, Darien Provence, which will help with reforestation efforts in the region
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Project 2
Installing solar panels for the indigenous Kuna people in Nusatupu, which is an island in the Kuna Yala comarca
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Project 3
Building an eco-stove & compost toilet alongside ANAM (the Panamanian government's environmental arm: in Finca las Acacias, a cooperative farm of ~29 arces in Burunga in the district of Arraijan
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Project 4
Implementating a waste management plan in Buenos Aires, near the border of Chiriquí and Veraguas provinces for a community of mixed latino and Ngobe/Bugle people
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